Turn static HTML and CSS coding skills into dynamic and eventful web pages with the world's most popular scripting language: JavaScript. And now it's easier than ever before with L2Code JavaScript!
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Applying JavaScript

Learn how to add JavaScript to your website.


Variables and Data

Learn how to use variables for holding data and how to use these variables with different types of data.



Learn how to create functions and call them, create functions that accept arguments, and create functions that return data.


Arithmetic Operators

Learn about Arithmetic Operators to do calculations and manipulate data.



Learn how to access the DOM or Document Object Model with JavaScript.


Conditional Statements

Learn how to use conditional statements in JavaScript to manipulate data.


Comparison and Logical Operators

Learn how to use Comparison and Logical Operators to determine if a value is true or false.



Learn how to use different types of Loops and how to use them to manipulate data.


Bringing it Together

Take all of the techniques you learned and use them to build a small functioning site.

L2Code JavaScript's 9 step-by-step lessons make learning JavaScript easy, intuitive, and effective.

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